Check out some of the latest gear we have been putting through its paces. We get our hands on some of the latest in skis and snowboards, to outerwear and accessories. Whether you stick to the groomers or look off the beaten path for freshies, our team gives you the inside scoop on new gear and how it stacks up.


High Society Freeride FR Ski Review

The FR is HSF's flagship. It is a handcrafted, high performance, all mountain weapon. Designed to be the ultimate twin-tip freeride ski, it effortlessly transitions from one part of the mountain to the other. Read more →

Booster Strap

The Booster Strap is an essential accessory for any serious skier or racer looking to improve boot response and comfort. The Booster Strap acts as a shock absorber between the boot tongue and your shin, aiding against 'boot or shin bang'. Read more →


It’s becoming harder and harder to boost your street cred these days with all the tall-tee and long jersey wearing kids on the hill. The solution is here, the Thuggie. Read more →

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