Ski & Snowboard Tech

The team behind Michigan Ski Report has 25+ years of ski and snowboard industry experience. From ski & snowboard maintenance to boot fitting and gear mods, we get technical on all things snowsports and break it down. Get geeky with us and understand the mechanics of what gets you down the hill.

Ski Boot Cleanup and Storage Tips

You have spent all season in your ski boots and odds are they are filthy. Buckles sticking, shells are grimy and oily feeling, this is no way to store your gear. Like most of us, you have made some sort of investment in your gear, why not keep it in good shape. Read more →

Ski Boot Fitting | Proper Alpine Ski Boot Fitting Process

There are a number of items you should take into consideration before making your next ski boot purchase. When it came time to purchase new ski boots for an upcoming season, we figured this was a great opportunity to follow us through the boot fitting process and provide you with an inside scoop on what's involved. Having a bit of technical ski equipment knowledge, we understand the importance of a properly fitted ski boot. Read more →