The MISKIREPORT crew arrived at the Birmingham 8 theater for the Poor Boyz Productions // Red Bull Media House Premier of Tracing Skylines hosted by Don Thomas Sporthaus around 7pm.

Pep Fujas and Khai Krepela greeted us at the door. They were signing autographs and taking pictures with fans before the movie started. Best moment was Khai signing a poster with “Dubs are not the answer.”

Everyone was super hyped before the movie when the Don Thomas Sporthaus team was tossing out swag to those seated in the jam-packed theater. The movie turned out to be pretty unreal with appearances from so many different legendary skiers. Although there were 5 different segments in the movie, the fan favorite of the night was most definetly the urban segment that was filmed locally in Detroit.

The following morning was the annual Don Thomas Rail Jam, which happened to be right down the street from the theater.


We started the day off early with registration at 9am and hanging with the Midwest reps setting up their tents for the day. The PARX crew did a great job with the drop-in and features, using both snow from local ice rinks and m-snow to increase speed.

After a short riders meeting the fun began. The DJ kicked in the music and pumped up a crowd full of parents and friends as the competition started with the skiers, including two different age groups.

At this time it was about noon and a lot of people were hungry. It was a good thing that Don Thomas rented a food truck and had plenty of good eats available for purchase. There were a bunch of cool stations and tents set up by top ski and snowboard manufacturers for fans to check out all of this year’s gear hitting the shelves.

Shortly after the skiers ended and people got something to eat, Khai Krepela did a pro demo that got everyone pumped on his style and tricks being thrown down on the boxes. The day rounded out with both the snowboard classes competing. From the film premier to the rail jam, overall it turned out to be an awesome series of events put on by Don Thomas.

Check out the killer edit Jordan Gasper put together for the event.

Don Thomas Rail Jam 2013 /// PBP Tracing Skylines from Jordan Gasper on Vimeo.

Photos & Video by Jordan Gasper

Tracing Skylines is available for purchase HERE or on Itunes.

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Special thanks to: Tim Sorenson and Hans Erni

Written by: Griffin