Caberfae Peaks has been making advancements over the past 2-3 seasons, including terrain changes, off-hill amenities and improved snowmaking capacity that allowed them to stay open for skiing 6 consecutive months last season.

The most recent announcement is one that we’re pretty pumped on. 25+ acres of backcountry terrain will be open to the public this season!

Caberfae Peaks Backcountry Terrain Map

Right on the cusp of the season kicking off, Caberfae had been noticing the demand for this type of terrain to be available for skiers and riders to enjoy. The terrain will be located to the east of North Peak – skiers right. Those familiar with the old terrain at Cab will remember runs such as Bo Buck and Bull Nose in the surrounding areas.

What we love about this is that while a bit of the terrain is accessible by the North Peak lift, the further out you go – you’re on your own to get back out. Boot pack it, skin it, it’s on you! This area will be swept by patrollers but is designated as “enter at your own risk.”

Caberfae tells us that this is an area that has been in the works for the past few years. While their crews have done some minor sculpting and gladed out, this has only been done to make it easier for skiers and snowboarders to enter/exit the terrain. It’s still very much natural terrain that delivers a very unique and different experience – something we can say the northern Michigan ski market doesn’t have. Not that’s open to the public anyways.

Who’s stoked for a pow day?

Written by: J. Dodge