“Snowboarding has been the most positive thing in my life. Im
stoked to share that with all these kids” Jeff Deehan, Lansing Resident

Michigan has been an underground force in the snowboard and ski culture for decades. From the disputed incarnation of snowboarding itself with Sherman Poppen and his Snurfer, to the Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame in Ishpeming, there is a ton of on snow history here. Well history is being made again with the rise of a new force. Something that has been going on in the streets, the urban movement. Hawk Island Snowpark is on the cusp of bridging that gap of urban riding and terrain park development, smashing the two together to create a local environment of world class-ness. (yes, class-ness)

Hawk Island Snowpark Map

Located in the heart of South Lansing, Hawk Island from the outside, has the aesthetic of just another local county run park. As you make your way through the gate you start to see a peak that rises no more than ninety feet, that’s right 90′. After you boot up, and slang your 10 spot, and receive your change you make the trek to the tow and witness a Planet Snow designed and operated park. If you have been in the scene at all you know that Planet builds the High Cascade Camp parks and the Olympic Halfie. So Booyah there IS a world-class park in Michigan, and it’s amazing.

Hawk Island Snowpark Snowboarding in Lansing, MI

This spot may be small but what it lacks in size it makes up in fun. With a full staff, new groomer, new snow making, 2 new tows, and well just new everything since its new this year. Hawk Island Snowpark could be the new thing that we start to see in larger metropolitan areas that are far removed from any kind of skiing and snowboarding. Their idea to just build the hill to do some snow sliding, makes what we all love to do more accessible to many new people to the culture of awesome outdoor activities.

I dare you to get to Lansing and slide sideways down some rails, jump off some snow then land back on it, and laugh with your friends. Lets continue to be apart of the history that is Michigan snowsports. Support!

“Hawk Island Snowpark is for the children” Corey McDonald, Planet Snow, HCSC

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Written by: Steenis