At age 24, Nick Moore has had his fair share of challenges growing the successful apparel company, Demon Dirt along with their snow division Demon Snow.  This longtime mountain biker and freestyle ripper is unfortunately dealing with the greatest challenge of his life, losing his eyesight.

Nick recently learned that he has a degenerative eye disease called Keratoconus.  This is a disease where the eye's cornea becomes thin and warped.  Nick's left eye has become so bad that in the past 6 months, his body has decided to shut off functions to it, leaving him blind in one eye.  Currently within the United States, an approved, permanent procedure is not available for his condition.  There is, however, an experimental surgery known as CR3 (compliment receptor 3) that can be performed, but unfortunately this surgery has not yet been approved by the FDA, resulting in a 100% out-of-pocket expense for Nick and his family. 

In an effort to raise money for the cause, Nick and Demon Dirt have created a campaign called I Ride for Nick's Eyes.  Specialty jersey's, t-shirts and stickers have been produced and are up for sale with all of the proceeds going toward Nick's surgery.  Nick and his wife are actually headed to LA on 11/10 for the surgery.  As of 10/28/10, $7k in donations had been raised toward the $20k needed.  This was all brought to our attention by local Michigan skier, Danny Arnold, who is currently working on setting up donation drop boxes at a number of upcoming events, including the Iceman this weekend.

In keeping up with our ethos and love of action sports, do us a favor and help support Nick in any way that you can.  If you can donate, or buy some swag, sweet.  If you can't, simply sharing this post and spreading the word is enough to help show Nick the support he needs to fight back.

Click Here to view the swag to help support I Ride for Nick's Eyes

Nick Moore reaching out to fans and supporters.

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