Inspired Media Tour comes to Timber Ridge, words from Rebecca Selig.

I’m lucky enough to be living at home temporarily with my mother while she suffers from pancreatic cancer. As a pro big mountain skier it has brought some huge challenges without the deep snow and steep vertical, but reconnecting with my home mountain called Timber Ridge has been nothing but a blessing. I have been involved with almost all of the events they have held since my return including the Muddy Patriot to the pre-season rail jam. It’s nice because you’ll always have a chance to shake Gordy’s hand, the owner of the resort. I like giving him a big kiss on the cheek! When I heard about the Inspired Media Tour with Tanner Hall coming to town I knew this was going to be an event I couldn’t miss.

TheĀ mSnow and the TR Parks crew started setting up for the event that Thursday night. I have to tell you it was a night of hard work and the beautiful sunset hovering over us testing the PARX drop-ins and mSnow product while skiing in summer is one night I’ll never forget. The energy and passion exploding out of these pre-gamers to make something special has truly inspired me already. From heaving lifting to pulling carpet and panels even, Steve the mechanic had time to mow and plot an Inspired logo to appear in the hills for the crowd to wonder.

Once event day hit, friends from all over Michigan came out to the show. Pro-skiers including Omar Otte, Mike Hornbeck and Bryan Depauw made it out to share their love for skiing, music and the outdoors. The local talent was unreal and I’m sure this event only helped plant the seed for a few more kiddos to wanna go pro. The sliding rally started at 3pm and didn’t stop until 11pm. The beer tent was pouring, the food offerings where plentiful yet nutritious and the music sounds were jammin’. When I spoke with Tanner he reminded me how important it is to take a break from skiing to strengthen yourself for the long haul and work on cross training and honing other skills as he clearly does. Sometimes it’s not all about getting your trick. I sure hope to be skiing big lines in Alaska again and into my 50’s!

Luckily my friend photographer/videographer Tyler Mckinney could make it out and he captured some great content! Did I mention the two rails set-up were painted in rasta colors and fueled by two drop-in hand made by PARX by JonT? The band Zion Lion had a great set filling most of our time with fun-filled reggae music. They are called the baddest band to hit Kalamazoo. The Inspired Sound Tour wrapped up the show. Not only did Tanner Hall cheer on the riders hitting the rasta rail features he ended the night giving everyone props on the mic and playing the last set to send us home stoked that we had the opportunity to do all of this in one evening in one special place. Still shredding in July.

Special thanks to Amy Rantz-Schrab and Luke Schrab who made this event possible working with the Inspired Crew giving kids more summer fun in Michigan.


Guest post by Rebecca Selig.
Rebecca is a Michigan native and is considered one of the top female skiers in the world. Learn more at

Thanks to Tyler McKinney for the fine photography work.