Last week much of Michigan experienced a mid-winter thaw that brought winds and rain, leaving many of us to question what the outlook was for the rest of the season.  We took advantage of the poor weather to continue the 2nd part of 'money can't buy class', an interview with Jason Flynn, Michigan native and co-founder of High Society Freeride and had an opportunity to take part in a segment called 'what it takes' on WGVU.  Check it out if you didn't catch it already.

Finally, after worrying all week, the temps are dropping again across the state and the snow is starting to fly.  Reports from the upper peninsula showed snow rolling in as early as Sunday evening and continuing on throughout the first part of the week with anticipated snowfalls in the range of 5” to 9” for much of the western U.P.

taking on the terrain park at Boyne

A similar story for much of the lower peninsula – temps are dropping, snow is flying and some resorts are actually firing up the snowmaking gear to recoup losses from last week.  There are a number of events happening over the course of the next couple of weeks, especially with February right around the corner.  We still have a lot planned for this season – events to attend to, including some we can’t even tell you about.  

Remember, colder temps are back, get out there and make the best of the conditions – no excuses!

a skier rips it up at Crystal Mountain

photos courtesy of Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa and Boyne Resorts