With Joe teasing us all summer long of improvements that he and Mikey had made, we were in. The wheels were put into motion. Plans were made during the off season and into the fall. Gear, riders, dates, all contingent on the right conditions. Like kids anticipating a snow day we tracked the weather religiously leading up to the mission, and when it all came together we honestly had one of the best skiing and snowboard experiences of our lives.

These memorable experiences are what remind us of why we do what we do. And yes, these experiences are being had in Michigan. This is the one to write home about.


Return to Mt Mancelona from Justin Vander Velde on Vimeo.

Big thanks to the crew that made this film happen.

Justin VanderVelde – Film, Edit, Producer

Matthew von Dayton – Lead Film

Jason Dodge – Producer, Skier

Kyle Nauman – Snowboarder

Ryan Gile – Snowboarder