This one just dropped and at first glance I thought for sure it was going to be full of the usual ski porn edit-ry. Blower face shots of endless pow and pillow fields. Big backcountry booters and jibs for days. Then at 0:22 the heli pans over a ski jump in the great frozen north woods – instant chills.

Shots of Carlson lining up the drop-in on a legit ski jump. At first I thought what a killer handrail… nope, dropping in all the way to huck it off the end! Then I paused it… Copper Peak reads the sign below some cork’d dub-trick magic (I don’t know). A quick search to verify and there it was, the 24 story, 300 ton steel structure that makes up the ONLY ski flying hill in the Western Hemisphere. Copper Peak ski jump in Ironwood, Michigan.

Watch, be amazed. #MittenLove


Sammy Carlson at Copper Peak Ski Jump

Samy Carlson Dropping into Copper Peak