Winter weather is here and for any snow-crazed enthusiast, poking your head outside after Saturday afternoon's cold snap should have brought a smile to your face.

Depending on where you are at in Michigan, the weatherman's prediction was a touch off.  So, depending on how you see it, this was for the better, or for the worse.  Across much of the northern lower peninsula, it was a serious blower of a storm with reports coming in that range from 12" to 24" of blowing and drifting snow.  Combine that with cold, dry temps, areas that still need to assist Mother Nature are cranking the snowguns back up.
Snow piling up on chairlift at Boyne 
Snow piled up on the chairs at Boyne

Much of the Upper Peninsula received their snow earlier on, with reports of up to 24" of fresh and are now experiencing cold temps – highs in the teens and lows well into the single digits not counting windchill.  If you remember back to last week when SW Michigan got pummeled with snow, much of that storm that came through last night hit the Mid-Michigan region pretty good and moved into the SE.
Snowed in at Caberfae
Snowed in at Caberfae
Snowy Northern Michigan Path
Snowy path in N. MI sent to us on Facebook.

All in all, this week is shaping up to be a good one.  Continued cold temps provide ideal conditions for snowmaking, plus more snow is in the forecast.  No excuses this week, get out and make some turns!
Powder Day at Crystal Mountain!

Face shots at Crystal Mountain Resort
Steep and Deep at Crystal Mountain